Monday, February 15, 2010

roses are red, violets are blue

Dear Art,

Today is family day. Yesterday was Valentines day. As I sat at a still and quiet 47, fluffy thoughts of love, affection and family were far from my mind. Facing Dennis Lin's no. 1-60, it was death I was thinking about, not love. As I day dream of an evening filled with cards, roses, and a home cooked dinner, staring at me is a dead tree. However much this installation wows me, and however much I enjoy it, I can not escape the feeling of being in a space that resembles a slaughterhouse – slabs of maple hanging like a fresh kill in a fading winter light.

With this in my rather morbid mind, I think back to the news of Alexander McQueen's death this week. For me, his ability to blur that fine and delicate line between art and fashion has been a powerful influence in my own struggle to successfully blend these two passions. As a part of his 1999 spring/summer collection, McQueen combined movement and mark-making with the human body, all of which are major interests of my own.

Being at 47, feeling an increasing eerie sense of death creep through my abattoir, I found time and peace within the space. Yesterday was Valentines day and yes, there was no tacky love themed show this weekend here at 47 (yet I'm sure if you wanted that you wouldn't have far to go in this city). So rather than conforming to another hallmark holiday, I instead opted to take a moment to reflect and rediscover what it is that makes me love art.

Dear Art,

I love you

Happy (belated) Valentines

Megan x

For a better look at McQueen's Spring/Summer Collection 1999, please click on the link below (about 37 seconds in).
Thank you youtube :)

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