Friday, April 23, 2010

47 Presents

Opening - Thursday April 22-25 2010
Performance - Monday April 26 2010
Finale - Tuesday April 27-30 2010

47’s Interns, the emerging curator Erin Trezise and artist Megan Blandford-Lewis, explore shadow as a mark-making medium while commenting on their roles as interns, in the three part exhibition In-Turn: Pushing Paper. Investigating memory and the ways in which traces of the self can be left behind, on purpose or unknowingly, Trezise and Blandford-Lewis play with the desire to record one's presence while using light.

“The viewer's participation plays a vital role in the evolution of this process-based exhibition. We want the viewer to consider the layers of 47 - the spatial changes of shows past and the human mark of working within the building. By exploring these layers we encourage viewer engage in the notion that this type of mark-making act is a valid documentation process in recalling each stratum of the space. We will create a process for remembrance, while acknowledging the fleeting nature of memory.

As we paper the walls we provide a base for shadow to become a body-made mark. The audience interaction in the space becomes paramount, and the walls of 47 become impressionable. This visual moment of the shadow represents a memory and provides physical evidence of the viewer, albeit temporary.

During the second stage we will methodically transform the drawing paper into filed documents, creating the final piece of the exhibition, our version of the show catalogue. The 263 files represent the number of days we have been Interns at 47. Their objectivity plays with notion of the intern. As our role in the gallery is somewhat behind the scenes, the undoing of the paper is an important act to be seen.

Remnants of the engaged viewer and our own labour remains within the space memory of the created pages and the sounds and voices which will fill the space in the third and last stage. The shadows of the opening install are remembered, but perhaps more so filed away than recorded within our catalogue.”

This nine day exhibition allows the interns to crawl out from behind the scenes and take their turn in the spotlight.

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