Sunday, May 30, 2010

The third lands at 47

(The third new and fantastic intern that is).

Hey guys!

Megan here, I'm the second Social Media Intern to be starting my journey at 47 and I'm very excited to be here.

My first few hours at the gallery have been coloured with watching Luke Painter and his band of friends carry out (unassembled for the most part) his work from Ancestral Vision. I'm completely impressed. It seems pretty special to begin my time here at the close of this show, beginnings and ends meeting up in the same space, just your average day at 47.

Today was also great because I got the chance to meet and chat with my predecessor, Megan (not a typo, just awesome). Getting a short while with her was very special, I feel that the torch has been passed and I'll do my best to leave a positive mark here.

More to come!

- Megan A. Skyvington

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