Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot Potato Pass It On

Dear Friends,

47 is 17 months old!

For our Sweet 16 we celebrated Dennis Lin’s no. 1-60, and for our 17th we’re taking a new direction!

Since the garage doors rolled up in April 2009, 47 has been used as an alternative exhibition space for large-scale sculptural and installation-based works. 47 was initiated not only to challenge artists, allowing it to affect their practices, but also to question the relationships that revolve around art. The accessible space empowers the viewer and provokes clever intellect and emotion.

At 47 art could breathe without pretense and artists could exhibit
without costs. Month to month 47 has changed, successfully evolving with the work. Your support has been paramount throughout this process.

For our 17 month anniversary and onwards 47 will become the home of both Jaclyn Quaresma and Dennis Lin’s studio practices. This change is not something to morn but something to celebrate. We’re not going anywhere. We’ll still be 47 Milky Way, but everyone grows up, and now it’s our turn.

Care to take our place? Hot potato pass it on.

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